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Ocrolus vs. Hyperscience

Ocrolus is the Hyperscience alternative that boosts data accuracy & improves decision making with a Human-in-the-Loop automated document processing solution


Ocrolus is an intelligent document processing automation solution with Human-in-the-Loop validation along every step of the process. As the best turnkey solution for the verification of income, identity, assets and employment, we help companies review and process millions of pages of financial documents every month. The Ocrolus solution can capture any field, on a broad set of document types – regardless of the format or quality – and transform it into decision-ready data, helping businesses process documents more accurately & quickly, saving money and time while enabling scale.


Hyperscience is a technology company that develops AI-based enterprise software designed to automate office work processes. Hyperscience does not offer Human-in-the-Loop verification; instead, the client is required to provide the human verification either in-house or through a third-party BPO vendor.

Ocrolus vs Hyperscience at a glance

Ocrolus and Hyperscience are both leading document automation solutions. Digging deeper, there are significant differences that make Ocrolus stand out.

Comparison chart Ocrolus vs Hyperscience

Top reasons why Ocrolus is the best Hyperscience alternative

  • Ocrolus is a fully automated platform with Human-in-the-Loop machine learning and is the only end-to-end document processing and automation solution with deep experience in lending and finance. We process bank statements and pay stubs for the verification of income, employment and assets. Hyperscience is an incomplete solution that only automates 80% of the manual work in data entry leaving room for human error. It is a horizontal, on-premise application that requires you to build and train the program on these documents with unpredictable accuracy.
  • A key advantage of leveraging Ocrolus as your intelligent document processing and automation solution is our actionable analytics for lenders. Ocrolus generates 100+ decision-ready underwriting analytics that illuminate a borrower’s income and cash flow dynamics, empowering teams to manage risk, underwrite more broadly and make smarter decisions. Hyperscience is designed to make your data entry operators more efficient, but does not provide analytics for faster, more informed decision making.
  • For companies that are growing quickly and strapped for development resources, Ocrolus implementation is light. Unlike Hyperscience, our single API solution doesn’t require a lengthy integration and extra investment in technical resources to get up and running; instead, it plugs directly into your CRM, LOS, or other core systems.
  • As a cloud-based solution, Ocrolus is more scalable and easier to implement, scale, and maintain than Hyperscience’s on-premise-only solution.

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