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How to Streamline and Automate Borrower Income Calculations

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Income calculations have always been fairly laborious. However, they’ve become even more time-consuming thanks to the increase in non-traditional borrowers using cash flow rather than credit scores to qualify for a loan. This means mortgage lenders are looking for ways to efficiently and accurately process 6, 12, or even 24 months worth of bank statements.


What do you need to streamline and automate borrower income calculations, improve process efficiency, and make faster and more accurate lending decisions? Find out with our checklist below:

  • An efficient way to gather and store borrower documents of any type with ease.
  • An advanced debt-to-income (DTI) ratio calculator that allows you to not only calculate front-end and back-end DTI but also the most complex income scenarios.
  • Access to accurate borrower data, which speeds the application process for loan officers and enables faster processing and underwriting in addition to improving efficiency, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing costs.
  • The ability to capture and identify the source of income-related data from borrower documents.
  • A specialized risk review process to instill lender and investor confidence in self-employed income calculations.
  • An automation solution that allows multiple income calculations to be done instantly while also automatically extracting data, speeding up the process of verifying borrower income documents.
  • The ability to quickly generate qualifying income calculations and comprehensive analytics from submitted bank statements, which decreases turnaround time and reduces risk.
  • The ability to identify large deposits and easily adjust the included/excluded deposits to edit the qualifying income amount.
  • An income verification solution that supports multiple self-employed borrower profiles.


By using this checklist, you’ll be able to determine which income calculation processes have room for improvement, but remember, you don’t have to go it alone. Automation can help lenders capture and verify income documents faster and more accurately, while also automatically extracting borrower data. With faster access to bank statement analysis, lenders will be able to make faster and more accurate decisions.

Discover how you can streamline borrower income calculations and accelerate your mortgage processes with automation by booking your demo with Ocrolus.