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Onboard documents directly into your LOS for faster decisions and process transparency

A glaring need for operational elasticity has emerged in the mortgage industry, where favorable rates caused a spike in application volume, stretching traditional lenders to their limits and propelling tech-forward lenders who employ automation to create a streamlined customer experience.

Ocrolus provides automated review and analysis of borrower-supplied mortgage documents, returning precisely accurate results directly into your systems.  Our technology provides mortgage lenders with full-stack capabilities: to classify financial documents, capture key data fields, detect fraud, and analyze cash flows, enabling faster, data-driven decisions.

Seamlessly extract highly accurate data from borrower documents with confidence

Eliminate manual data entry

Create structured data from the outset of the borrower journey

Deliver this data natively within your POS or LOS platform


Income calculation; built by underwriters, for underwriters

Leverage across multiple borrower types

Automate analysis of borrower income documents

calculate income and cash flow metrics with Ocrolus

Analytics for the modern lender

Reduce risk of fraudulent docs through advanced AI

Enable powerful analytics via structured data

Embed compliance analysis into workflows

entity resolution software combined with Ocrolus data network

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Our API documentation includes guides, references and tutorials that show you what it’s like to work with Ocrolus.

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