The fintech infrastructure
for data analysis

Now you can capture information,
detect fraud, and analyze results,
all in a single solution


Organize documents with precision

Streamline document review by automatically recognizing and classifying digitized documents prior to extracting actionable text

Create any document classification schema and achieve perfect accuracy out-of-the-box.

  • Automatically sort documents with an indexed table of contents produced from submitted documents.
  • Innovative computer vision and contextual analysis for fast, highly accurate classification.
  • No pre-sorting required. Built-in image enhancement recognizes poor quality originals for faster, more accurate classification.
  • Easy to deploy with your existing systems of record via modern APIs.
  • Delivers rapid ROI - no expensive professional services resources are needed to set up.
  • Adaptive learning capabilities engineered into the Ocrolus infrastructure so additional document types are quickly added.


Document capture with 99+% accuracy

Extract data from any document, regardless of format or quality, with over 99% accuracy.

Capture data from e-statements, scanned paper documents, or cell phone images.

Bank statements

Pay stubs


Tax documents

Mortgage forms


Let Ocrolus classify and organize your documents. Documents can be routed via API,
pulled automatically from emails, or uploaded to our web app.

Modernize your business processes

  • Eliminate manual data entry and cleanup
  • Optimize decision making with 99+% accurate data
  • Consistently process documents in minutes
  • Bolster compliance with superior process documentation
  • Dozens of cash flow analytics
  • Scale with a lean tech-enabled infrastructure


Intelligent fraud detection

Fight fraud like never before. Ocrolus performs hundreds of algorithmic checks in concert with reviews conducted by fraud specialists.

     Image Fraud

Automatically recognize Photoshopped, altered, and fabricated documents. Ocrolus identifies suspicious activity, including:

  • Incomplete data sets
  • Missing pages
  • Invalid dates and amounts
  • Abnormal fonts
  • Irregular formats

     Data Fraud

Ocrolus’ highly-accurate, human-validated data is the strongest foundation for fraud defense.

  • Leverage mathematical logic, string reconciliation, and pattern recognition to stop fraud in its tracks
  • Employ machine learning to recognize spend-downs and other schemes intended to game the system
  • Use metadata analysis to identify inconsistencies and purposely-corrupted files

Join a network of industry partners to identify fraud patterns

Ocrolus harnesses a business intelligence network with hundreds of financial services leaders.

  • Get ahead of the latest methods used by fraudsters
  • Access rich loan stacking data, enhanced continually by input from industry players
  • Systematize fraud detection with quantitative insights
  • Collaborate with peers to stop bad actors


Robust cash-flow analytics

Analyze cash flows with a suite of credit model inputs that Ocrolus has jointly developed with top fintech lenders.

Customizable based on your own rules

  • Embed your business logic directly into document workflows
  • Unlock troves of new data that can be routed directly into your decisioning engine
  • Precisely model risk with 99+% accurate data
  • Leverage machine learning to continually improve your process

Cross-document verification

Collate identity and income documentation. Perform a variety of cross-document checks to ensure all data aligns.

Network intelligence

Benefit from the collective knowledge and insights of a community of hundreds of leading fintech companies.

Results are auto-populated directly into your back-office system


Digital connectivity and fraud detection