Achieve unparalleled efficiency with Human-in-the-Loop document processing

Ocrolus is a pioneer when it comes to marrying machines and humans for data verification. Start making fast, accurate decisions with our document processing software today.


Sort documents with precision using Human-in-the-Loop automation and machine learning.

Attain best-in-class accuracy

Combine machine learning with human validation to get precise data every time.

Eliminate manual work

Save time by reducing the need for document pre-sorting.

Drive efficiencies

Retrieve structured, indexed output for all document types, enabling you to notify borrowers of incorrectly submitted or missing information quickly.


Extract and structure data using computer vision and human validation.

Increase accuracy

Generate over 99% accurate results on every file.

Accelerate processing speed

Analyze documents instantly or in minutes, 365x24x7.

Scale dynamically

Flex-up-or-down on demand.

Bolster compliance

Create a comprehensive audit trail of key data fields.


Identify suspicious activity and potential fraud with file tampering detection and algorithmic validation

Detect fraud

Receive alerts on fraud and document tampering.

Lend with confidence

Gain access to the best available technology identifying bad actors.

Integrate new data

Connect data points from across multiple data sources.

Future-proof your business

Improve over time with continuously learning algorithms.


Gain deep insights into cash flow and income with clean, normalized data

Analyze captured data

Combine document data in all formats with digital sources to accommodate the widest possible range of borrowers.

Calculate cash flow and income metrics

Develop a precise picture of your customers’ cash flow dynamics.

Inform risk models

Measure a borrower’s ability to pay with higher precision than traditional data sources alone.

Decide with confidence

Integrate Ocrolus output directly into your CRM or LOS.

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Explore our API

Our API documentation includes guides, references, and tutorials on document processing and Human-in-the-Loop automation that show you what it’s like to work with Ocrolus.

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