Fraud Detection

Fight fraud like never before

Leverage file tampering detection and mathematical checks to identify suspicious documents and missing pages

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Ocrolus helps you take control of your data and catch more instances of fraud.

To reduce risk, online lenders need to combine core fraud detection capabilities with advanced methodologies that can offer a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace.

Fueled by the millions of documents and hundreds of millions of data points from our expansive lender network, Ocrolus AI detects the subtlest of document changes through ongoing monitoring and pattern recognition.

Catch suspicious activity

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Image fraud
Automatically recognize altered and fabricated documents. Ocrolus identifies suspicious activity, including:
  • Incomplete data sets
  • Missing pages
  • Invalid dates and amounts
  • Abnormal fonts and logos
  • Irregular formats
15 Layers
Data Fraud
Ocrolus’ highly-accurate, human-validated data is the foundation for a strong fraud defense.
  • Leverage mathematical logic, string reconciliation, and pattern recognition to stop fraud in its tracks
  • Employ machine learning to recognize spend-downs and other schemes intended to game the system
  • Use metadata analysis to identify inconsistencies and purposely-corrupted files


How it works

Our approach involves a number of algorithmic and operational quality control checks to quickly detect potential fraud.

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Gain competitive advantage

We partner with the best-in-class software for synthetic fraud detection

Defend against fraudsters who create synthetic identities. Leverage clustering technology and a lender network to flag suspicious behavior in real-time. Seamlessly extract and verify data from loan applications and IDs to combat fraud earlier in the process.

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