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Verify buyer documents in minutes with auto lending automation

Ocrolus automates the capture and review of borrower documents, accelerating auto lending decisions with reliable data.

Ocrolus identifies borrower-supplied documents, paystubs, bank statements, and IDs, returning accurate data in minutes. Auto lenders make smarter, faster loan approvals by using Ocrolus to initiate a quick and secure buyer review process.

Ocrolus gives you immediate and measurable ROI with no document training required and a simple integration set-up.


Sort financial documents with precision using machine learning.

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Extract and structure data using computer vision and human validation.

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Identify suspicious activity with tampering detection and validation.

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Gain deep insights into cash flow and income with clean, normalized data.

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Modernize your business processes with document automation.

Learn more about automated digital workflows for auto loan originations.

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Use Cases

Calculate income for consumers with diverse employment profiles.

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Extract and validate address information from any document.

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Quickly retrieve employment data from disparate sources.

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