Optical Character Recognition (OCR) vs Ocrolus Automation

Go beyond OCR with a human-in-the-loop, document processing & automation solution.

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Ocrolus is an intelligent document processing automation solution with human-in-the-loop validation along every step of the process. We help companies review and process millions of pages of financial documents every month. Unlike traditional OCR, The Ocrolus solution can capture any field, on any document – regardless of the format or quality – and transform it into decision-ready data, helping businesses process documents more accurately & quickly, saving money and time while enabling scale.

Key benefits of choosing Ocrolus as your intelligent data capture solution vs traditional OCR

Traditional OCR providers offer limited efficiency and accuracy while Ocrolus boosts accuracy and improves decision making with a full human-in-the-loop verification service. 

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How can Ocrolus help?

  • Digitize Documents
    Go beyond traditional optical character recognition (OCR) and business process offshoring (BPO) workflows with Ocrolus’ best-in-class “human-in-the-loop” document analysis process.

  • Detect Fraud
    Identify fraud with Ocrolus’ powerful document-level fraud analysis tools. Take advantage of built-in arithmetic checks, tampering detection technology, and a business intelligence network of hundreds of lenders to automatically flag suspicious documents, missing pages, and digitally altered data.

  • Decide With Better Data
    Make smarter decisions with Ocrolus’ cutting-edge cash flow analytics and other alternative data sources.

What types of documents does Ocrolus process?

Process and extract data from any image or document with 99+% accuracy

Bank Statement
Bank Statements
Pay Stubs
Pay Stubs
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Tax Form
Tax Documents
Mortage Forms
Mortgage Forms

Intelligent data capture solutions for

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