Better than humans. Better than machines.
Human empowered automation.

Validate your data. Automate your workflow.

Unprecedented Accuracy

Analyze financial documents
with stunning accuracy: over 99%
regardless of format and quality.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage computer vision
and crowdsourced data validation
to optimize analytical insight.

Secure RegTech

Bolster compliance with
bank-level encryption and
superior process documentation.

Eliminate hours of cross-referencing, data entry and line-by-line checking.


Analyze Financial Statements 
with over 99% accuracy.



Process Medicaid Applications 
with 10x efficiency.


Ocrolus technology optimizes bank statement analysis methods across a number of industries:




Accounting Firms

Government Officials

Lenders use Ocrolus technology to automate cash-flow analysis and sharpen credit default models. Every aspect of pricing risk- speed, cost and most importantly, accuracy- is improved. Lenders are liberated from the complications of staffing data clerks, allowing them to scale freely and focus on their core business.

Auditors in the healthcare and insurance sectors use Ocrolus to make coverage determinations with precision. Ocrolus minimizes human error, detects fraud, and ensures that policy standards are applied and maintained.

Attorneys are empowered by Ocrolus to conduct deeper and more accurate financial analyses for a variety of different cases: divorce proceedings, guardianship accountings, long-term care Medicaid applications, and more.

Accounting Firms large and small employ Ocrolus to analyze an unpredictable, fluctuating volume of statements. Our technology is especially useful for money laundering, white collar crime, and other forensic cases.

Government Officials across different fields no longer endure tedious, error-prone manual work: tax auditors, law enforcement agents, legal professionals, Medicaid eligibility reviewers, among others.

Customers are saying…

"As a small business financing organization, our underwriting team spent hours upon hours manually reviewing over 400,000 pages of bank statements each month. By incorporating Ocrolus into our process, we’ve been able to automate the analysis of these statements – freeing up our underwriters to focus on more complex applications that require actual human oversight. This tool has played a major role in helping us become the first online lender in the business financing industry to fully automate the funding process, making it a win-win for both us and our customers. Ocrolus has proven to be an invaluable partner and we are excited to continue our work with them as, together, we focus on advancing and refining the role that automation can play in aiding the decisioning process."
Andrew Reiser, Chief Executive Officer
"As a direct funder in the merchant cash advance industry, we review hundreds of bank statements every day. In our search for a product that could assist with this effort, we learned of PerfectAudit by Ocrolus and set up a demo. We were stunned to learn we had found the holy grail - an application that could read and analyze pdf bank statements! PerfectAudit performs the work of many employees and with less human errors. All the bank data we need for our risk assessment model can be found quickly and easily from their financial summary. The process is simple and easy to use. It is user friendly and customer service is very responsive. PerfectAudit has exponentially streamlined our Underwriting procedure!"
Greg Clower, President
Yes Lender
"Ocrolus elevated our bank statement analysis capabilities to the next level. We highly recommend Ocrolus to lenders who wish to scale more efficiently and improve credit risk."
Jim Granat, President & CRO
"Data entry is not a core component of our business. Ocrolus has become our trusted partner for bank statement reviews, allowing us to scale volume with a leaner underwriting staff. The industry’s been in need of a technology provider to extract and validate data with dependable accuracy; Ocrolus offers an elegant solution."
Sol Lax, CEO
Pearl Capital
"We deal with large volumes of bank statements each day and PerfectAudit assists us with our efficiency. The system is easy to use, and provides results quickly. Customer service is also very helpful and quick to respond."
Jessica Miguel, Analyst
"The New England States Consortium is pleased to partner with Ocrolus to facilitate State Medicaid agencies' access to the MedicaidGenius platform. The ability to digitally conduct financial eligibility reviews can reduce backlogs, combat fraud and abuse, and support the sustainability of the Medicaid program."
Elena Nicolella, Executive Director
Ocrolus technology will help us scale to new heights. With Ocrolus automating the most laborious part of the financial review process, our team will be able to complete more applications than ever before.”
Ben Mandelbaum, COO, and Managing Partner
Senior Planning Services
“The first thing that comes to mind is WOW. Medicaid-Genius works as advertised and the results they returned to me in hours were dead accurate. I can see this being a god-send for companies that process Medicaid applications as a business.”
Michael A Gold, Esq
The Law Office of Gold and Gold
“I just tried PerfectAudit for the first time and loved it. The software helps my growing niche practice take on more volume without committing resources to full time hires. Cloud-based storage lets me control who has access to confidential information, and ongoing dialogue with PerfectAudit representatives gives me the opportunity to offer feedback on features and suggestions for improvement. I emailed my representative after the free trail and said "I'm all in!”
Karen Webber, CPA
Forensic Accountant
“I want to thank you for providing such an amazing product to be used by our agency. PerfectAudit will be incredibly valuable to us in regard to allowing us to complete necessary financial analysis for our ongoing criminal investigations. It will both save us time and allow us to be open and complete more investigations than ever!”
Amy Doherty, Special Agent
Office of Special Investigations, GA Department of Revenue

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