Intelligent Automation: Faster, More Accurate Lending Decisions

Human-in-the-loop automation solution
eliminates manual review

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Standardize data extraction across all formats with intelligent automation

Automatically transform unstructured inputs into clean, structured outputs.

Analyze documents with best-in-class accuracy and speed

Retrieve data from any image and PDFs with 99+% accuracy.

Bank Statement


Pay Stubs

Pay Stubs

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Tax Form


Mortage Forms




Benefit from a vast network of training data for Machine Learning

Part machine, part human. Ocrolus intertwines its AI automation with human quality control specialists, and continuously gets smarter.

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Are you tired of partial automation? Choose Ocrolus for end-to-end intelligent process automation.

Optimize your decision making

  • Make sense of data with industry-specific analytics
  • Detect fraudulent documents with ease
  • Process documents quickly and consistently
  • Boost compliance with built-in documentation
  • Focus on your core business
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SBA PPP Impact

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy

Ocrolus is proud to have played a central role in enabling lenders to fund small business owners in need fast.
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Supporting financial documents processed by Ocrolus


Small businesses received loans documented by Ocrolus

Over 20%

All PPP loans digitized
by Ocrolus

Top 4

Cross River Bank became a top PPP lender often approving loans within 24 hours

Ocrolus Insights

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