Automate Medicaid processing and financial reviews to make smarter Medicaid determinations

Complete five-year lookbacks for medicaid processing with ease and efficiency

Elder law attorneys and Medicaid processors use Ocrolus technology to automate bank statement analysis for Medicaid eligibility.

Ocrolus empowers you to extract key data from five years of Medicaid documents quickly and accurately. Ocrolus automation enables you to improve program integrity and get benefits to those who need them fast.

Modernize Medicaid application processing with automation and superior analytics

Seamlessly capture data from Medicaid-required documents like bank statements, brokerage statements, and tax documents

Identify high value transactions, transfers, and income sources

Make faster and more informed decisions for Medicaid eligibility

medicaid processing automation with Ocrolus

Optimize labor resources to scale with Medicaid application demand

Eliminate manual data entry

Say goodbye to document-review backlogs

Process more Medicaid applications without additional labor

automate the medicaid application and review process

Efficiently determine Medicaid eligibility, fight fraud, and improve program integrity

Boost compliance with standardized financial eligibility reviews

Avoid approving ineligible or fraudulent Medicaid applicants

Ensure applicants move quickly through the Medicaid process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Elder law attorneys and Medicaid processors generally use Ocrolus to automate their medicaid application processing and financial reviews.

Ocrolus improves the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of Medicaid processing. Ocrolus extracts key data from up to five years of Medicaid documents, then reviews and verifies the data, and detects potential application fraud, enabling Medicaid processors to efficiently determine Medicaid eligibility.

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