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Verify identity using a proven automated identity document verification solution

Automatically validate borrower identity and proof of residency using advanced computer vision and contextual analysis. Our battle-tested automated identity verification technology classifies, captures, and analyzes many types of documents from driver licenses, H1-Bs, and passports, to permanent resident cards, Social Security cards, and state ID cards.

Processing identity documents is an essential yet time-consuming task when making credit decisions. Automating the identity document verification process delivers more accurate and faster results, powering more efficient workflows and better decisions.

Corroborate key data fields using identity document verification

Lean on Ocrolus’ advanced technologies to gain forensic-level, automated identity verification of the information contained in the documents – including borrower, income, assets, and proof of residence. This saves our customers the time, money, and aggravation spent processing a fraudulent application – and enables them to deliver better service to legitimate prospects.

use Ocrolus' identity document verification to corroborate key data fields

Reduce fraud risk

Detect altered identity documents, invalid dates, abnormal fonts and irregular formats. Use our automated ID verification to leverage pattern recognition and unearth fictitious identities and get ahead of the latest methods used by fraudsters.

reduce fraud risk using automated ID verification

Integrate identity verification with curated partners

Our third-party integrations automatically identify synthetic fraud and verify the legitimacy of any given business. This allows ours customers to gain a more complete and accurate view of customers quickly and efficiently.

integrate automated ID verification with curated partners

Ready to go?

Learn how we can help you validate identity with our automated identity document verification capabilities.

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We're enhancing the Blend platform with Ocrolus' automated, accurate document classification and data extraction capabilities. Our partnership with Ocrolus enables us to swiftly deliver time-saving innovations to our customers.”

– Jeff Braddock, Manager, Business Development