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Verify buyer documents in minutes with intelligent automation for equipment leasing

Ocrolus automates the capture and review of borrower documents, accelerating equipment lending decisions with reliable data.

Ocrolus identifies borrower-supplied documents, such as bank statements and tax forms, in minutes, returning actionable data. With this data, lenders can make smarter, faster, leasing decisions initiating a quick and secure KYB process.

Ocrolus is also fully integrated with Salesforce, allowing for a seamless and efficient adoption into your workflow.


Sort financial documents with precision using machine learning and document automation.

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Extract and structure data using computer vision and human validation.

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Identify suspicious activity with tampering detection and validation.

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Gain deep insights into cash flow and income with clean, normalized data.

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Modernize your business processes with document automation.

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Use Cases
Cash flow analysis

Process and receive analytics on bank statements and other financial documents.

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Extract and validate address information from any document.

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Business verification

Verify business history and cross reference transactions with pay stubs and bank statements.

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