Transform small business lending workflows with industry leading, AI-driven automation

Build a streamlined lending experience that provides faster decisions with Ocrolus’ document automation solution

The worlds top small business lenders rely on Ocrolus

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In today’s ever-changing landscape, small business lenders are forced to evolve at a rapid pace to deliver financial services to their customers.

Ocrolus helps lenders adapt and thrive with our comprehensive solution. Pairing instant document automation and data processing with fraud detection and detailed cash flow analytics ensures lenders can save time, resources and more effectively manage risk. 

Expand and scale your business

Instantly and efficiently process the broadest range of borrower-submitted data

Provide quicker decisions to more customers to grow your business

Liberate your teams from manual review processes and allow them to focus your customers

Lend with greater confidence

Build a deeper understanding of your small business lending customers

Better assess creditworthiness, detect potential risks, and make data-driven lending decisions

Predict the risk of default with cash-flow-based risk models

Effectively manage costs

Eliminate additional tools and vendor spend with our end-to-end solution for every stage of your workflow

Reallocate valuable resources to your most challenging and differentiated activities

See your savings

Bridging the AI gap in lending

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ocrolus empowers small business lenders to automate and streamline their lending workflows, saving you valuable time and resources. We provide the most accurate data extraction, transaction enrichment, cash flow analysis, fraud detection and more to help you make more informed lending decisions. Schedule a demo to learn more.

Ocrolus processes a wide range of documents for small business lending, including bank statements, tax returns and more. Learn more here.

Ocrolus offers a comprehensive solution that can be leveraged at every stage of your lending workflow. First, Ocrolus streamlines operations during pre-qualification and document collection. Second, we provide user empowerment through powerful visualizations, greater data transparency and user control. Finally, Ocrolus provides the most accurate and reliable borrower insights to help you make more informed decisions for processing, underwriting and even servicing loans.

Ocrolus provides detailed cash flow analytics that allows you to gain a deeper understanding of a small business’s financial health. By analyzing historical cash flow data, Ocrolus can help you assess creditworthiness, predict risk and make data-driven lending decisions. Learn more about our analytics capability here

Ocrolus’ advanced AI and machine learning technology helps you uncover fraud that often goes unnoticed by the human eye. Fraud is more rampant and advanced than ever before which means the traditional file inspection methods are not enough to protect your business. Learn more about our fraud capability here.

Ocrolus is designed for small businesses of any size. Whether you’re a small-scale lender or a large financial institution, our solution can help you handle fluctuating volumes and can meet your processing needs as you grow.

Ocrolus sees 100s of millions of data points weekly from our expansive lender client network, this is the training data that our solution is constantly learning and improving from. Our data was built for small business lenders, resulting in reliable and precise results that can help you make better decisions, reduce credit risk and improve loan performance.