Discover automated document classification to classify documents and data using machine learning and AI

Use automated document and data classification to accelerate the decision-making process.

Ocrolus analyzes and classifies all types of documentation submitted by your applicants, including parseable PDFs, scans, and smartphone images. Our process yields a structured output of labeled and indexed documents, enabling you to notify borrowers of incorrectly submitted or missing information quickly.

Step one: Automated document classification with machine learning

Machine learning is employed to auto-classify documents with precision. As an example, our core mortgage model performs at 99% accuracy across 1,100+ document types.

automated document classification using machine learning with Ocrolus

Step two: Human-in-the-Loop validation

Classifications with imperfect confidence are routed to Ocrolus data classification and verification specialists for data labeling and quality control.

human in the loop validation for document classification

Step three: Structured data output

In minutes, Ocrolus generates a cleanly indexed and labeled taxonomy, enabling each document to be properly routed in downstream processes.

structured data output for document classification with Ocrolus

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Ocrolus technology elevated our bank statement analysis capabilities to the next level.”

– Jim Granat, President of SMB Lending and Senior Vice President, Enova International

Frequently Asked Questions

Ocrolus auto classifies documents using machine learning, classifying mixed documents and collating the documents into individual forms. With Classify, you get a summary of the contents of a loan or a single mixed document. This allows you to see whether a set of required forms are present. You can also avoid the errors that may come from uploading miscategorized documents to our other upload endpoints.

Ocrolus supports PDF classification as well as Image classification. Ocrolus can automatically classify document types like Tax forms, ID proofs, Bank statements, Paystub, etc, here is the entire list of documents which Ocrolus supports –

Yes, customers can send entire applications to Ocrolus but configure Ocrolus to only Capture data from some of them. Customers can send Ocrolus individual files, or send the entire application as a single PDF and Ocrolus will break it up into individual documents first.

The average time taken for classifying documents is 2-10 minutes, it depends on the document quality, the number of pages in a document, and the complexity of the document.

We combine cutting-edge technology and human intelligence to ensure our accuracy is high to help our customers with making key decisions.

Encompass customers send Ocrolus individual files or entire Mortgage books directly from Encompass via specifically configured document containers. Ocrolus breaks up multi-document files into individual files (as needed) and indexes the book. Ocrolus pushes the resulting files back into the appropriate folders within the Encompass system.