Fight financial malfeasance

Increase investigator efficiency with automated bank statement processing and analysis

Financial malfeasance is a growing problem in the US. Ocrolus provides law enforcement investigators the powerful tool needed to turn paper and PDF bank statements into accurate, actionable data.

Unlike traditional OCR or BPO processes, Ocrolus doesn’t make financial investigators better at data entry: Ocrolus eliminates manual data entry and provides hyper-accurate data in minutes. Users upload documents, and Ocrolus returns spreadsheet-ready data, along with the referenced document and a number of cash flow analytics. Ocrolus provides evidence-gathering technology that accelerates access to data.


Capture data automatically from paper and pdf bank statements

Easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use - user-friendly, day one productivity

Extract accurate data along with an evidential audit trail

Perform core analytics to identify NSF charges, cash flow and other indications of fraud

No software to download: no license fees

Free trial available

improve and automate underwriting with cash flow analytics by Ocrolus

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Analyze up to 100 pages of bank statements, W2s, 1040s and paystubs in any format for free

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Eliminate manual data entry delays and errors

Digitize bank statement data in minutes

Create a validated audit trail

Increase investigator efficiency

Identify potentially fraudulent activity

lower small business lending customer acquisition costs with Ocrolus

In a recent case with a family member acting as power of attorney for an elderly relative, Ocrolus was phenomenal in converting a year’s worth of the victim’s bank statements into an Excel spreadsheet, so I could discover several large, questionable purchases. The impeccable accuracy is also critical because this data later becomes evidence in a court case.”

– Detective Sloan, Longmont Colorado PD

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