Perform income verification for consumers with diverse employment profiles

Calculate and verify income for a variety of use cases, including both traditionally and non-traditionally employed borrowers with income verification software.

Lenders need to estimate and verify applicant income in order to manage risk, determine exposure limits, and assess their ability to pay.

Verify borrower income in minutes

Ocrolus automated income verification goes beyond digitizing data, generating pre-defined analytics to help lenders determine a borrower’s creditworthiness.

Our income verification software supports multiple income calculations for traditionally-employed and self-employed borrowers using documents such as pay stubs, W-2s and other tax forms, pension award letters, and Social Security award letters.

income verification in minutes from Ocrolus

Develop robust, data-driven income verification

Ocrolus bank statement, paystub, and tax form powered income analytics provide lenders insight into the nature of income, from salaried vs. hourly, to single vs. multiple jobs, to traditional vs. gig employment.

data-driven income verification from Ocrolus

Increase loan originations with an expedited underwriting process

Sophisticated and automated income verification helps lenders speed up the entire underwriting process for a better, faster borrower experience.

automated income verification software from Ocrolus

Ready to go?

Find out how we can help you automate income verification and calculations to accelerate underwriting.

Schedule a demo with Ocrolus to learn more about automated income verification
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We're enhancing the Blend platform with Ocrolus' automated, accurate document classification and data extraction capabilities. Our partnership with Ocrolus enables us to swiftly deliver time-saving innovations to our customers.”

– Jeff Braddock, Manager, Business Development