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Analyze data to gain deep insights into cash flow metrics and income with Ocrolus

Develop a precise picture of your customers’ cash flow metrics using clean, normalized data, and incorporating a comprehensive library of pre-engineered analytics.

Ocrolus offers 100+ analytics that illuminate cash flow metrics, including revenue, income, expenses, transaction categories, financial ratios, and trends. We also standardize and automate income calculations for a diverse set of employment profiles. Lenders use our analytics to analyze data and build predictive risk models that outperform existing credit evaluation metrics. With a highly specific understanding of borrower financial health, your team will be empowered to manage risk, underwrite more broadly, and make smarter lending decisions.

Step one: Analyze captured data

Ocrolus provides high-quality data capture for all formats of banking data, including document and digital sources. Standardizing this information into a consistent output schema enables detailed cash flow analysis that accommodates the widest possible range of borrowers.

Step two: Calculate income and cash flow metrics

Generate predefined analytics to calculate cash flows and estimate the income of applicants in order to manage risk, determine exposure limits, and assess the ability to pay.

Step three: Inform risk models

Execute cash-flow-informed credit risk scoring using the standardized output of model-ready features. Incorporating detailed financial dynamics into risk modeling helps measure a borrower’s ability to pay with higher precision than traditional data sources alone.

Step four: Decide with confidence

Optimize the health of your portfolio with high-quality risk decisions. Integrate Ocrolus output directly into your CRM or LOS to automatically approve or decline applicants based on predefined credit standards. Route applicants who require further review to your best underwriters, arming them with a comprehensive report of key financial metrics to more efficiently analyze data.

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We're enhancing the Blend platform with Ocrolus' automated, accurate document classification and data extraction capabilities. Our partnership with Ocrolus enables us to swiftly deliver time-saving innovations to our customers.”

– Jeff Braddock, Manager, Business Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Ocrolus’ income analysis solution automates income calculations for a diverse set of employment profiles. Our solution provides high-quality data capture for multiple formats of banking data and then creates a consistent output schema that enables detailed cash flow analysis for a wide range of borrowers.

Ocrolus’ advanced technology uses 100+ pre-engineered analytics that standardize and illuminate cash flow insights such as revenue, income, expenses, transaction categories, financial ratios, trends, and more. These insights help lenders manage risk, determine exposure limits, and assess a borrower’s ability to pay.

Ocrolus helps lenders confidently approve more loans with more accurate data. Our analytics help lenders objectively understand borrower cash flow to minimize credit risk and make more informed lending decisions with insights into revenue, income, expenses, debt capacity and more

Ocrolus processes both documents and digital data that can be uploaded via API or our web-based Dashboard. Results can be downloaded in JSON or XSV format for review.

Due to our massive document dataset and unique machine learning capabilities, Ocrolus is able to accurately extract key data needed to help lenders make more informed decisions.

Common small business and consumer lending form types supported are bank statements, Plaid data, tax returns, and more. Please refer to our forms directory for more information.

Ocrolus offers an integration with Plaid to allow easier access to bank data. Learn more here.