Advanced cash flow insights for smarter underwriting


Understand the unique cash flow dynamics of your borrowers to manage risk and accelerate lending decisions

Ocrolus leverages best-in-class artificial intelligence, proprietary algorithms and our collective experience with hundreds of lender clients to provide the most trusted analytics that empowers your teams to underwrite more loans with confidence

Transform raw data into actionable insights

Ocrolus standardizes unstructured data and enriches each transaction to provide you with the most accurate categorizations. Our proprietary transaction tagging algorithm has been specifically designed for cash flow underwriting, ensuring you can easily identify income sources, payments to lenders, recurring transactions, overdrafts and more.

Review critical borrower information in an intuitive workflow

Precisely measure your borrowers’ revenue and expenses while identifying trends in their account balances, transactions and cash flow. Ocrolus provides you with the information you need to understand a borrower’s business in greater detail and make better underwriting decisions.

Supercharge risk models with cash flow features

Assess debt capacity, cash flow trends, volatility and more with hundreds of Ocrolus pre-built cash flow attributes, allowing you to take on more measured risk in today’s continuously evolving environment. Our cash flow features have been optimized for use in risk modeling and to ensure higher precision in measuring a borrower’s ability to pay.

Available via API and Dashboard to meet your business’ needs

Take the next step toward smarter underwriting with Cash Flow Analytics from Ocrolus.

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See how our lender clients are using Cash Flow Analytics with Ocrolus

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How to get started
Learn more about how Ocrolus supports cash flow analytics with our comprehensive lending guide

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Ocrolus technology elevated our bank statement analysis capabilities to the next level.”

– Jim Granat, President of SMB Lending and Senior Vice President, Enova International

Frequently Asked Questions

Cash Flow Analytics helps lenders understand the unique cash flow dynamics of their borrowers to accelerate lending decisions and manage credit risk. Ocrolus utilizes best-in-class AI, proprietary algorithms and our collective experience with hundreds of lender clients to provide you with the most trusted insights so that you can underwrite loans with more confidence and improve loan performance.

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Ocrolus automates income calculations for a diverse set of employment profiles. Our solution provides high-quality data capture for multiple formats of banking data and then creates a consistent output schema that enables detailed cash flow analysis for a wide range of borrowers.

Automate your Income Verification Process

Ocrolus helps lenders confidently approve more loans with more accurate data. Our analytics reflect how lenders evaluate borrower cash flow today and have been built based on feedback based on our extensive lender client base. Cash Flow Analytics provides insight into revenue, income, expenses, debt capacity and more withtransaction tagging, cash flow visualizations and cash flow attributes for modeling.

Uplevel your Evaluations

Cash Flow Analytics can be accessed via Dashboard and/or API to ensure you can create a seamless, streamlined workflow to fit your business’ needs. There are three API endpoints and two Dashboard pages that provide you with the context and insights you need to make more informed decisions. Documentation can be found on

Explore API options

Ocrolus supports common small business lending document types such as bank statements, tax returns and more. You can refer to our forms directory for more information. Ocrolus also offers a Plaid integration to provide lenders with easier access to bank data.

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