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Inside Global Talent Acquisition with Rudra Nanda

21 Jun 2022
rudra global talent acquisition

In Ocrolus, I saw a company with enormous potential and an unwavering commitment to its people. It was exactly the kind of organization that I wanted to be a part of and help grow, so I was delighted to join in March 2021.

My educational background is in engineering and leadership management from Harvard University, which on the surface seems like a far cry from talent acquisition. But after just a short time in the HR world, I was able to find many unique transferrable skills, specifically the industry knowledge that makes me uniquely equipped to speak the language of engineers and data-focused people I am helping to recruit. Finding this out is what allowed me to marry my love for data with my passion for helping people.

Recruitment and human resources have been the perfect fit for me. At Ocrolus, data empowers us to identify and hire the right people. It also helps us understand how to optimally nurture our employees. This mission helps bring me great joy and passion in my work.

Why Ocrolus

Even to someone already working in the AI and machine learning industry, Ocrolus has always stood out. I could tell that both their team and their product had the strength to push the company forward and achieve real growth in the fintech industry.

More specifically, I could tell they had a strong emphasis on technical innovation and an invested team from top to bottom. Everyone here has an important voice that others strive to make sure is heard. While a lot of companies say that, here it’s true. The company understands that it can only be as good as its people. It’s exciting to be part of a truly innovative company with a focus on its people.

Managing talent across continents

My role as global director of talent acquisition means that I am involved in many aspects of human resources. These include hiring, talent management, and the development of our people, among other roles. While I am based in India, I am responsible for global talent acquisition. Although our talent acquisition team is spread across the United States and India, it functions as one cohesive unit. We are a very close-knit, collaborative team and company. Of course, there are cultural differences, but this is actually a positive, as it enriches the company with different points of view and ways of solving problems. There is a great appreciation in the company for diversity and cultural idiosyncrasies too.

We have a resolute determination of what we want to be and our future plan for the company. Irrespective of who we hire and the role we hire for, our end goal is always defined. We are a truly global organization, which extends to all our departments. This means making sure that everyone’s work is valued and everyone feels like they’re an important part of the team regardless of where they’re located. Our culture drives us to always respect and embrace our differences as strengths, as we strive to reach our goals together.

Our awards are because of our people

Ocrolus has been recognized with numerous awards. These include:

  1. Best place to work in New York 2022
  2. Best CEO 2021
  3. Best company culture 2021

These victories wouldn’t be possible without our talented workforce.

We create an environment to promote happiness and satisfaction at work because we believe that this helps our employees perform at their best. We are laser-focused on company culture. For instance, Ocrolus Appreciation Day, the last Friday of every month, is a day off for every single employee. This affords us an extra 12 days off annually to recharge and refresh for each month ahead. Ocrolus has a strong commitment to real work-life balance.

Helping people flourish

My driving career motivation is to help people achieve their potential, grow as professionals, and positively impact society. I love to help people in their careers and at Ocrolus, I am aligned with a company with the same beliefs. We are committed to our employees and their development and growth. This is an anti-micro management culture. In fact, I’d say we are pro-self-management as we understand how much that can help people’s creative output, which in turn leads to unmatched growth. At Ocrolus, we give people the freedom to realize their abilities.

I truly feel blessed here, as Ocrolus is all about merging talented people from all walks of life and data-driven technology. My excellent team of very smart, approachable, and capable colleagues, helps make the day-to-day work something that I look forward to every morning. Also, seeing how much our product helps our clients is so satisfying. At Ocrolus, you are part of building a very relevant and highly sought-after solution that helps companies perform better, which in turn positively impacts their own customers. Ocrolus provides me with intellectual challenges every day, which keep me engaged and sharp, and I am constantly learning and growing, both as a professional and as a person.

Talent acquisition is a profession that I feel honored to work in. At Ocrolus, it is a dream come true.

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