Ocrolus Announces Premium Fintech Platform Extension

11 Dec 2019
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Ocrolus+ Combines Advanced Document Capture & Digital Connectivity with Fraud Detection and Data Analytics 

December 11, 2019, New York, NY – 
Ocrolus, a leading fintech infrastructure company that transforms documents into actionable data with over 99% accuracy, today announced a new premium extension to its core technology platform. At a reception held tonight in New York, the company introduced Ocrolus+, the first turnkey solution for ingesting documents and digital data streams through a single API.

The enhanced platform allows customers to process financial documents and digital banking data in a normalized, hyper-accurate format. The company also bolstered its fraud defense capabilities, with a focus on preventing suspicious transactions via file tampering detection and synthetic identity analysis.

“Offering document-based data extraction and digital connectivity through one integration represents a solid improvement to our workflow,” said Jim Granat, Head of Small Business Financing at Enova. “Ocrolus+ will help improve Enova’s customer experience by enhancing our speed and ease.”

Ocrolus+ is being launched in partnership with two leading technology companies: Plaid, a financial data network powering thousands of fintech apps and services, and SentiLink, a leader in detecting sophisticated identification fraud. The platform’s architecture is constructed to incorporate additional curated financial tools within the automation process, to deliver the best possible customer experience.

With its expanded product suite, Ocrolus is cementing its position as a turnkey solution provider for income & asset verification, underwriting, and account openings. Ocrolus+ ingests a wide variety of documents including e-documents, scans and mobile phone pictures, returning accurate, digital data within minutes. The platform concurrently flags signs of suspicious activity, and generates financial viability analytics. Finally, Ocrolus+ corroborates submitted documentation with permissioned data sources for account authentication and ongoing monitoring.

“We believe in offering best-in-class services through one connection,” said Sam Bobley, CEO of Ocrolus. “Plaid and SentiLink are industry leading companies that we are proud to partner with; incorporating their technology within Ocrolus+ provides our customers with dependable, decisionable data to automate high-stakes financial processes.”

Ocrolus+ is now available directly from Ocrolus. Customers can contact Ocrolus at or by calling 646.850.9090.

About Ocrolus

Ocrolus is a fintech infrastructure company that transforms documents into actionable data with over 99% accuracy. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and a unique, human-in-the-loop data validation process, Ocrolus plugs directly into customer workflows via API, eliminating the need for manual data work. The solution includes built-in document fraud detection and analytics, enabling customers to make smarter and faster business decisions with unprecedented scalability and precision.

Use-cases include loan underwriting, account openings, invoice processing and other document-intensive processes. Ocrolus has raised over $30 million in venture capital, backed by Oak HC/FT, FinTech Collective, Bullpen Capital, and QED Investors, among others. Visit to learn more.