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Ocrolus Adds Firmographic and KYB Capabilities with Middesk Integration

13 Dec 2020
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Ocrolus Adds Firmographic and KYB Capabilities with Middesk Integration


Lenders will have greater confidence in compliance, underwriting, and fraud decisions via Middesk’s verification and diligence APIs

NEW YORK, December 15, 2020 Ocrolus, the only automation platform that analyzes financial documents and digital data with over 99% accuracy, announced today its integration with Middesk to help financial services companies better understand their business customers. Middesk delivers business verifications, legal and regulatory checks, and industry classification products for companies selling to businesses. Its background check and risk assessment capabilities are critical, particularly as businesses frequently change entities. Having reliable and programmatic access to business health and firmographic data is incredibly important for any financial services company.

Ocrolus customers will now have access to Middesk’s insights through the Ocrolus API. Because Middesk allows companies to establish the credibility of a business, customers can now get that degree of confidence and avoid doing business with fictitious companies and those involved in illegal or harmful activity. Given both companies’ dedication to accuracy and quality, their joint mission is to efficiently provide valuable data on businesses of all sizes.

“This partnership with Middesk is exciting, because our financial services clients will receive trusted data on the legitimacy, veracity, and structure of their business customers,” said David Snitkof, VP of analytics at Ocrolus. “As the volume of small business lending comes back from the depths of the pandemic, lenders will be able to reenter the market with confidence thanks to  streamlined and programmatic access to identity and compliance data.”

Middesk users include business lenders, merchant service providers, and even consumer lenders looking to verify employer legitimacy. Middesk provides identity information by aggregating data from state and federal sources to effectively have a picture of every registered business in the country.

“At Middesk, we focus on delivering a product that embodies accuracy and quality. This hits home with how Ocrolus has set up its entire business, and their human-in-the-loop component is something people can really rely on,” said Kyle Mack, CEO and co-founder of Middesk. “Our mission at Middesk is to make it easier for any business to access the financial system, removing the struggle of getting these insights and producing digestible data. While lenders commonly need to integrate with many products to answer basic questions about their customers, we are significantly reducing the scope of what it takes to onboard a business. With Ocrolus, we are supplying even more businesses access to these necessary insights, which is really exciting.”

To learn more about Ocrolus’ partnership with Middesk, please sign up for their virtual roundtable, New Models For Fraud Prevention, on December 16.

About Ocrolus

Ocrolus is a human-in-the-loop infrastructure company that transforms documents into data analytics with over 99% accuracy. Ocrolus technology is designed to help financial services companies make high quality decisions with trusted data and unprecedented speed.

Inc. Magazine recognized Ocrolus as the #1 fastest-growing fintech nationwide, and the #1 fastest-growing software company in NY.

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About Middesk

Middesk delivers business verifications, legal and regulatory checks, and industry classification products for companies selling to businesses. Founded in 2018, Middesk’s products accelerate the growth of customers like Brex, Plaid and Checkr. With modern compliance and risk tools, Middesk offers end-to-end solutions for companies to verify, screen and monitor their customers. Middesk is based in San Francisco, and is backed by Accel, Sequoia Capital and Y Combinator.