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Document Automation​

Eliminate manual review with Human-in-the-Loop intelligent document automation

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Ocrolus is the leading intelligent document automation solution with Human-in-the-Loop validation along every step of the process. We help companies review and process millions of pages of financial documents every month.

Unlike manual document review and processing, the Ocrolus solution automatically recognizes and classifies documents with over 99% accuracy and zero training on your end. Capture any field on a broad set of document types – regardless of the format or quality – and transform it into decision-ready data.  Our intelligent document processing solution helps your business process documents with minimal human intervention more accurately and quickly, saving money and time while enabling scale and reducing bad loan costs.

Key benefits of choosing Ocrolus as your intelligent document automation solution

Captures and digitizes documents using multiple, best-in-class OCR technologies

Understands hundreds of document types and form fields

Indexes and organizes without the need for document pre-sorting

Detects fraud including document tampering and suspicious financial activity

Performs deep cash-flow analytics on income and expenses, including debt and risk load

Processes documents with speedy turnarounds – in minutes, not hours

Eliminates manual data entry, cleanup, and validation

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See Ocrolus’ intelligent document automation solution in action.

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What is intelligent document automation?

Intelligent document automation includes advanced automation of document indexing and classification; data capture, detection, and extraction; and generation of AI-driven insights, as well as ongoing process refinement. Essentially, this technology not only provides automated document review and processing, but allows lenders to digitize the document processing function at mass scale, with minimal human intervention.

In addition, the machine learning component of intelligent document processing ensures that the accuracy of the extracted data is continually improved and refined. In turn, your business can improve compliance and efficiency with the right IDP solution.

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What types of documents does Ocrolus process?

Process and extract data from any image or document type with over 99% accuracy, such as:

  • Bank statements
  • Paystubs
  • IDs
  • Tax documents
  • Mortgage forms
  • Invoices

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Who does Ocrolus’ intelligent document automation help?

Ocrolus provides intelligent document automation solutions for:

  • Banks
  • Fintechs
  • Mortgage lenders
  • Accountants & auditors
  • Professional services

Why should our business adopt a document automation solution?

In the case of banks, lenders, and really any other firm that deals with loads of documents, automation-based technologies increase efficiency, productivity, and more importantly, revenue. Automation can also significantly lower costs for your business. With huge advances in cloud technology and AI, integrating the right automation solution is easier and faster than ever.

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See why other businesses such as Capital One believe in automation and how it can transform your business processes.

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Ocrolus technology elevated our bank statement analysis capabilities to the next level.”

– Jim Granat, President of SMB Lending and Senior Vice President, Enova International