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HousingWire Demo Day: Ocrolus Automation in Action

4 May 2020
HousingWire Demo Day  Ocrolus Automation in Action

As a fintech infrastructure company on a mission to make financial decisioning faster and more accurate at scale, we believe that knowledge is power. That’s why we partnered with HousingWire to bring a virtual demo of our document digitization solution to their forward-thinking community of mortgage professionals.

Watch this HousingWire demo to learn how Ocrolus can help:

  1. Validate income across multiple documents, including pay stubs, bank statements and tax forms
  2. Automatically index and parse 1003s, 1008s and other mortgage forms
  3. Verify LTV, debt-income ratios, liability amounts and borrower information

Thanks to Sipho Simela, Head of Mortgage Strategy, and Christine Ponder-Stern, Operations Manager, for demonstrating Ocrolus in action.

Tune in for the next HousingWire Mortgage Tech Virtual Demo Day on Monday, June 29, to see Sipho and Christine give the demo live!

If you’re a mortgage professional interested in exploring more about Ocrolus, you can learn more about our mortgage technology and request a demo here.