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Enabling Access to Actionable Data with the Ocrolus API and Developer Resources

1 Jul 2020
Developer Resources  Enabling Access to Actionable Data 1

At its core, lending is a business of decision making under uncertainty and managing asymmetric risk. To establish and maintain profitability, lenders must optimize the ratio of performing to non-performing customers and price risk appropriately (i.e., setting rates and terms). Actionable data is central to pricing risk appropriately, because it paints a clear picture of each borrower and is, therefore, essential for lender profitability. Access to actionable data starts with empowering developers. Here, we empower developers through the Ocrolus API and other resources we provide to successfully implement our solution.

Ocrolus prides itself on providing a developer experience that makes Ocrolus data efficient to use and easy to integrate. We have worked with over a hundred lenders and learned that organizations get the most value from the Ocrolus platform when they leverage the analytics capabilities built into our infrastructure to make more informed business decisions. That’s why through comprehensive API documentation, transparent conversations to ensure you have the data you need, and a hands-on Implementation and Customer Success team, Ocrolus is here to help with an effective implementation.

Ocrolus’ developer experience is designed per best practices and amplified through partnerships with industry leaders, including Plaid, FormFree, and SentiLink.

Let’s dive into those processes we’ve put into place to help your team integrate and onboard seamlessly with Ocrolus. 

Integrate using the Ocrolus API 

Our Ocrolus API Documentation guides you through how to set up your API connection. This documentation provides everything you need to understand and launch Ocrolus in your company. The API Reference includes specifications for response types, commands, queries, and instructions around file uploads.

Receive Hands-On Implementation Support

Your Ocrolus journey begins with a dedicated Implementation Project Manager. Through a cadence of ongoing calls, workflow reviews, and readiness checks, you can expect to fully implement Ocrolus in a matter of weeks.

Master Ocrolus Analytics for an Actionable Data-Driven Approach

Your Implementation Project Manager will also provide you with detailed insight into Ocrolus cash flow analytics and guidelines for systematizing document fraud detection. While some forward-thinking lenders have begun underwriting based on cash flow with demonstrably positive results, we are only in the early stages of this transformation.  Much of the necessary and useful data remains locked in proprietary systems, complex documents, and non-standard formats.

There is tremendous opportunity to utilize a wider variety of cash flow data, with greater availability, more automation, higher reliability, and useful standardization. This is true for consumer and business data alike. Ultimately, adopting this more data-driven approach will increase access to credit for consumers and businesses, leading to more economic activity and prosperity.

To learn more about the comprehensive collection of Ocrolus Analytics, or if you’re ready to talk Ocrolus API integration, schedule a discovery call with our team.