ISO (Independent Sales Organization) application processing

Use automation to process ISO applications and get loans approved quicker

Ocrolus’ Human-in-the-Loop document automation solution captures and extracts data from ISO applications to help you arrange loans faster.

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Why should lenders use Ocrolus for ISO application data capture and processing?

ISO applications provide key information about a business applying for funding. Loan underwriters use the information provided on ISO applications to assess a borrower’s suitability for a loan. ISO applications can be submitted to the loan underwriter as a hard copy or digitally via email or mobile app. This variety of submission methods poses a challenge for traditional OCR solutions, and without a reliable intelligent document processing solution, lending professionals can spend hours tediously typing in data from multiple ISO applications. This can easily result in human error and delay loan approvals.

Ocrolus’ automation solution lets you capture, review, and analyze ISO application data in real-time from ISO applications delivered in multiple formats. It rapidly and accurately processes ISO application data to help you analyze a business’s worth to better manage risk, make faster loan decisions, and produce an improved borrower experience.

Advantages of Ocrolus’ ISO application data processing

Retrieve data from ISO applications regardless of format or quality. With Ocrolus you can:
  • Verify a business’s status 
  • Process multiple ISO applications with over 99% accuracy
  • Cut turn around time
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