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Disbursement form processing

Automate disbursement form processing and close loans faster

Ocrolus’ Human-in-the-Loop document automation solution captures and extracts data from disbursement forms to help you arrange loans faster.

Sample 1 Disbursement Form

Why should lenders use Ocrolus for disbursement form data capture and processing?

Disbursement forms authorize payments to be made to a given party and can demonstrate significant cash flows in or out for a borrower. Loan underwriters require disbursement forms to prove that a loan payment can be made. The format of these forms can vary and they can be submitted as a hardcopy or over email or mobile app in differing formats. This poses a challenge for traditional OCR solutions, and without a reliable intelligent document processing solution, lending professionals can spend hours manually inputting data from disbursement forms. This is a tedious and lengthy process that can result in incorrect data entry. Such mistakes can delay loan decisions and even lead to loan refusals.

Ocrolus’ automation solution lets you capture, review, and analyze disbursement form data in real-time from disbursement forms submitted in multiple formats. It accurately captures key data and identifies potential fraud, enabling rapid, data-driven decisions.

Advantages of Ocrolus’ disbursement form data processing

Retrieve data from disbursement forms regardless of format or quality. With Ocrolus you can:
  • Verify a borrower’s commitment to repay a loan in real-time 
  • Process multiple disbursement forms with over 99% accuracy
  • Speed up loan-processing time
Ocrolus’ 2021 document processing stats

financial pages analyzed


documents flagged for suspicious activity


business loan applications analyzed

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