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Uncover potential document fraud faster and prevent costly losses


Detect signals and visualizations empower you to make quicker AI-driven lending decisions and confidently approve more borrowers.

Ocrolus’ premier document fraud detection solution helps you uncover more fraud than ever before. Our algorithms have been trained on more than 100 million pages of documents from thousands of financial institutions, providing you with only the highest quality data for decision making.

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Detect signals

Detect evaluates a document’s origin and inspects it for signs of tampering after creation. Detailed signals outline exactly what has been changed on the document allowing you to make more informed decisions, avoid costly losses and streamline application review.

Detect visualizations

Clear visualizations illustrate exactly where document tampering has occurred on a file, bringing over 4x more fraud to your attention than other solutions. Effortlessly uncover what fraudsters have tried to conceal and save your teams countless hours of manual inspection.