Ocrolus vs. LoanBeam

Ocrolus is the LoanBeam Alternative That Accelerates Mortgage Decisions & Automates Borrower Documents Directly Into Your LOS

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Ocrolus automates the classification, capture and analysis of borrower documents, replacing inefficient manual data entry and stare-and-compare document review within a compelling user dashboard.

Ocrolus identifies borrower-supplied mortgage documents, captures critical data, and returns machine-calculated and human-verified results directly into existing systems like a native integration with Encompass® by ICE Mortgage Technology®. Underwriters make smarter, faster loan approvals by using Ocrolus to accelerate, optimize, and secure their origination process.


LoanBeam reduces the time loan officers, processors and underwriters spend calculating and reviewing the qualifying income of a borrower with automated income analysis. LoanBeam is a tool that scans mortgage documents to calculate and validate income from tax and income documents.

Ocrolus vs LoanBeam at a glance

Ocrolus and LoanBeam are both leading mortgage automation solutions. Digging deeper, there are significant differences that make Ocrolus stand out.

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Top reasons why Ocrolus is the best LoanBeam alternative

  • Ocrolus classifies and transforms over 1,150 document types, automatically indexing and standardizing classification of mortgage origination documents and mapping them back into Encompass. LoanBeam supports a limited set of mortgage document types and can only upload PDF and TIFF formats.
  • The Ocrolus solution can handle mortgage documents – from any format – for verification of income, employment, assets, and applications, along with tax documents. LoanBeam only handles income verification and calculation from tax and wage documents.
  • By using data points from its robust lender network, Ocrolus’ machine learning algorithms provide aggregate data across the Ocrolus client base, continuously improving performance across the whole.
  • Following GSE guidelines, Ocrolus transforms the income analysis experience on a sleek user dashboard that imports data back into Encompass. LoanBeam keeps you stuck in an excel spreadsheet.

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We saw in Ocrolus this magical technology.”

– Nigel Morris, Co-founder, Capital One