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Ocrolus mortgage integration with Encompass® by ICE Mortgage Technology®

Accelerate mortgage decisions with trusted data

The mortgage workflow is a complex decision-making process impacting multiple stakeholders across the lending process. With a suite of solutions by Ocrolus, mortgage lenders can free up more time to interpret borrowers’ financial situations and make critical decisions.

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Automate document
indexing and sorting

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Extract key information from
documents using computer
vision and human validation

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Streamline income
analytics with flexible
automated worksheets

Automation benefits with Ocrolus & Encompass

Close loans faster

Make more informed origination decisions

Add scalability to loan processing

Reduce the risk for fraud and human error

Reduce manual data entry

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Ocrolus Solution Suite

Ocrolus includes a suite of solutions for loan officers, loan processors, underwriters and closers to allow for faster and more accurate decision-making. Reduce risk while facilitating workflows that enable human decision-makers to work with technology and not against it.

Speed up loan processing time with automated document indexing

Automatically sort borrower-provided documents into Encompass’ eFolder and push each document into a corresponding container within the eFolder

Customizable eFolder structure to meet user's specific needs


Extract key information from documents using computer vision and human validation

Leverage best-in-class technologies including in-house AI and proprietary machine learning

Data capture gives meaning behind every file by creating consistent labeling for all classified documents

Ocrolus returns accurate and clean data in a highly structured format for use across workflows including populating income calculations


Streamline income calculations with automated, transparent, and flexible worksheets

Compare original income documents to Ocrolus’ pre-populate income calculations with the click of a button

Take control of income calculations with a pre-populated and editable income worksheet


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