Mortgage Automation

Accelerate Mortgage Decisions with Validated Data 

Onboard documents directly into your LOS for faster decisions & process transparency

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Ocrolus has integrated mortgage solutions for automating borrower documents for origination, funding and secondary market preparation.


Ocrolus provides a comprehensive solution that completely eliminates manual data entry, allowing mortgage professionals to focus on underwriting, compliance and approval.

Your Goals
  • Secure borrower-provided documents
  • Digitize documents into actionable information
  • Flag potentially fraudulent content
  • Present a loan package with complete confidence
  • Meet 30-day funding windows
Ocrolus Features
  • Verify income across pay stubs, bank statements and tax forms
  • Automatically categorize and parse 1003s, 1008s and other mortgage forms
  • Validate identity and proof of residence
  • Verify LTV, debt-income ratios, and liability amounts 
  • Establish a comprehensive audit trail of clean data 
  • Close mortgages faster
  • Reduce the fraud risk 
  • Make more informed origination & insurance decisions
  • Reduce document digitization costs
  • Add scalability to credit analysis


Transforming Mortgage

Hear experts from Plaid, Blend, Sprout Mortgage, Fintech Collective, and Ocrolus discuss the current and future state of the mortgage industry.

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What’s the ROI of automating mortgage documentation? 

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Ocrolus is recognized as a top mortgage tech company in HousingWire's 2021 Tech100 Mortgage list.


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