Invoice Processing

Automatically Digitize Invoices

With Ocrolus as the data extraction engine powering your accounts payable or loan decisioning system, you can accelerate processing, improve visibility and increase control.

Ocrolus transforms expensive, inaccurate invoice data entry processes into an automated, digital workflow.


The Ocrolus infrastructure can be easily deployed as an API call from your ERP or LOS, automatically processing invoices with over 99%  accuracy.

Accounts Payable Challenges
  • Backlog of past due invoices
  • Poor visibility into cash flow
  • Missing out on early pay discounts
  • Strained vendor relationships
Receivables Lending Challenges
  • Mismatched invoice data with supporting documentation
  • Approval delays waiting for actionable data
  • Borrowers want repeatable invoice submission/approval process
  • Key information is not captured
Ocrolus Features
  • Invoice classification and data extraction with 99%+ accuracy
  • Standardized API integration with ERP and LOS platforms
  • Fast, reliable data availability & contextualization
  • Audit trail with extracted data and original invoice
  • Make accounting & underwriting personnel more efficient
  • Deploy technology in days, not months
  • Scale freely without adding human resources
  • Minimize exception handling
  • Reduce risk of supply chain disruption
  • Focus on underwriting decisions rather than document processing