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The Backward Philosophy of Technology Investments Author

When you make a substantial technology investment for your company, are you thinking: “I’d like to deploy a system where I can take the most mundane aspects of my processes and get better at them?” Or do you think “I’d…

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Mitigating Risk from Account Takeover

Mirroring the growth in online lending volume over the past half-decade, there has been an acceleration in fraudulent account takeover. According to a report, account takeovers jumped 300% year over year in 2017, and have continued to rise ever…

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Preventing Human Error at Healthcare Organizations

Human error at healthcare organizations is often associated with physicians unintentionally harming patients. While this scenario is common and serious, it’s not the only form of human error that takes place. Human error also happens in administrative roles. And sometimes,…

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31 Simple Daily Habits That Separate High Achievers From Everyone Else

The most successful people are intentional about the things they do every day which set them up for productivity. They understand that achieving great things doesn’t happen on its own. It’s because the quality of your life is directly proportionate…

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These Are the Fintech Trends to Watch, According to 13 Experts

From cryptocurrency to AI technology, it’s an exciting time to be in the fintech space. Like last night’s football game, the latest fintech trends not only make good water cooler chatter, but they also dictate how companies across dozens of…

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