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Open Banking Overcomes The Data Obstacle Of Paper

The Open Banking business model has derived mixed reactions from the financial services market, and without a regulatory mandate in the U.S., it’s not entirely clear how deeply the data sharing strategy will proliferate.

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30 Under 20 in Finance 2020

By Michael del Castillo, Antoine Gara, Jeff Kauflin and Nathan Vardi The top young financial minds can be found these days at buyout shops, hedge funds and investment banks, as well as innovative companies that do everything from facilitate payments…

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10 Steps to Help Protect Customer Data

With cyber fraud events making headlines on a regular basis, you likely have protecting customer data on the top of your to-do list. And there’s no better time than the present to check the effectiveness of your company’s cybersecurity procedures.

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Challenges of Transforming Legacy Services in an Era of Open Banking

Ocrolus Co-founder/CEO Sam Bobley joined us on the show to share his insights on the challenges of transforming legacy services in today’s era of open banking. Sam outlines the challenges and their impact on financial institutions. He also discusses ways…

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Account Takeover: Risk Mitigation Techniques for Online Lenders

Over the last half decade, rates of account takeover have multiplied significantly. According to a report, account takeovers jumped 300% in 2017, and have been rising ever since. The trend was particularly pronounced in the lending space. Lenders lost…

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