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Automated table extraction from PDFs

Extract data from tables in borrower-supplied PDFs with over 99% accuracy

Ocrolus automates the capture and review of table data in financial documents, accelerating lending decisions with reliable data.

Ocrolus is a leader in Data Extraction on G2 Ocrolus is a leader in Data Extraction on G2

Ocrolus is a leader in
Data Extraction on G2

Advantages of Ocrolus’ automated table extraction from PDFs

Increase accuracy and make better decisions with trusted data

Save time and reduce error by eliminating manual review and “stare and compare” work

Generate verified results in minutes

Detect fraud and altered data in document tables

Gain deep insights into cash flow and income with clean, normalized data

scale small business lending with Ocrolus

What our customers are saying

Steve Kietz
5 stars

“Even better than what they sell”

AK Patel
5 stars

“Great Technology, API driven seamless and Amazing team at Ocrolus”

Sree Image1.1 2 2 min
5 stars

“Great solution for data entry automation”

Go beyond data extraction: Unlock insights from tables in PDFs

Calculate income for borrowers with diverse employment profiles.

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Extract and validate address information from any document.

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Quickly retrieve employment data from
disparate sources.

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Cash flow analysis

Process and receive analytics on bank statements and other financial documents.

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