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Reliant Funding offers exceptional, personalized service with Ocrolus

Partnering with Ocrolus to automatically extract data, deliver analytics, and flag potential issues in the underwriting process enables Reliant loan officers to spend more time with their small business clients.

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Reliant leverages Ocrolus’ data analytics to get a complete picture of customers’ cash flow and other contributing factors that affect the funding decision.

Onboarding clients is streamlined and accelerated with Ocrolus’ document infrastructure. Rather than entering data and scanning documents, loan officers now have the ability to personalize customer interactions.

By mitigating fraud with Ocrolus, Reliant can keep costs down for their small business clients.

Reliant Funding, a growing San Diego-based fintech lender, sees technology as a means to offer more personalized service to businesses across a wide industry sector.

On average, banks decline 70% of applicants. Too often, banks have limited lending models that will push aside viable businesses that don’t fit perfectly.

By partnering with Ocrolus, Reliant is able to differentiate themselves from other banks by funding this large percentage of small businesses and providing them white glove customer service

“One of the ways that we’re able to service clients best is to mitigate fraud, because the more fraud you have, the higher costs are, the harder it is to service your clients. So with Ocrolus, we have automation, efficiency and fraud prevention.”

– Adam Stettner, CEO, Reliant Funding

With Ocrolus’s document infrastructure, Reliant has the flexibility and time to listen to their customers, and the payoff is big. Reliant Funding continues to grow, having been named to Inc. 5000’s fastest growing privately-held companies for seven consecutive years.

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Ocrolus had the ability to do what manual underwriters and processors couldn’t, which was standardized a bank statement and identify heuristics of the document – fonts, commas, spacing.”

– Adam Stettner, CEO, Reliant Funding

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