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Ocrolus Response to COVID-19 

Amid growing international concerns about the spread of COVID-19, Ocrolus is monitoring new developments closely, with a focus on our office locations. Employee safety and our ability to continue to provide services to customers are our top priorities. We are sharing this communication to provide a summary of the efforts that we have undertaken so far, as well as how we plan to address potential scenarios that may develop over the next weeks or months.

Current State

As of the date of this notice, we are not aware of any instance of an Ocrolus employee being affected by COVID-19. This is accurate for both our US and India locations. As such, we have not experienced any impact to operations at this point.

Operational Processes

We have implemented preventative measures to minimize the risk of the virus spreading:

  • We reinforced the importance of essential personal hygiene – washing hands frequently, and using sanitizing products provided to employees at each facility.
  • We contracted with a third party to sanitize all work stations, and have enhanced the use of disinfecting and cleaning products on commonly used shared spaces and surfaces.
  • We are temporarily disabling the use of biometric access readers used to enter our facilities, since shared surfaces can increase the risk of spread. For the time being, biometric access has been replaced with the use of employee badges and enhanced security screening, before employees are allowed to enter facilities.
  • All employees are required to work remotely (self-quarantine) for 14 days after returning from any international travel.
  • Any work-related travel, especially to international and/or domestic locations with confirmed virus spread, is only permitted upon approval and when absolutely necessary.
  • We’ve requested that employees work from home should they notice any symptoms, which could be an indication of infection, e.g., respiratory issues, fever, etc.
  • In order to ensure an appropriate level of monitoring, we appointed Health & Safety leaders at each of our facilities, whose responsibilities are to monitor employees’ condition and ensure that any employees demonstrating common symptoms are sent home and encouraged to rest and self-quarantine.

Ocrolus COVID-19 Response Committee

We have formed a COVID-19 Response Committee. The committee members include the company’s CEO and COO, as well as management representation from Compliance, Operations, Engineering, Product, and Customer Success. Committee members monitor the situation closely every day, especially with regard to specific Ocrolus office locations, both in New York and India. Committee members are working closely with the management team of our operations centers in India on a daily basis to ensure that we are aware of changing conditions, and provide our centers with the necessary support to prevent and monitor the potential spread of the virus.

Continued Communication

We will keep you and all of our customers informed of any new developments. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach out to Customer Support at