Virtual Roundtable

Building a Modern Fintech Lending Infrastructure

Wednesday, January 26 at 1pm ET

Virtual Roundtable

Lending is a competitive business, and forward-thinking lenders of all sizes need to raise the bar on automation, data quality, and customer experience. Whether a small business financing their inventory or a consumer getting a mortgage, borrowers have more options to access capital than ever before, and higher expectations for customer service.

Borrowers want and expect decisions in minutes, not weeks, so progressive lenders are developing automated underwriting systems to meet that need. They’re doing that with fintech and technology solutions like Alloy, Pinwheel, and Ocrolus.

This virtual roundtable will host leading fintech experts sharing their perspectives on market changes over the past 5 years, lending pre-and-post the pandemic, the emergence of neobanks, and what optimal lending and winning fintech infrastructure looks like now and in the future. Through moderated discussion, attendees will be able to connect with market leaders in an approachable and meaningful way.


Michael Manne

Michael Manne

Chief Revenue Officer
charley ma

Charley Ma

Fintech GM
Sasha Pilch Headshot

Sasha Pilch

Sales Lead
david speaker

David Snitkof

VP of Analytics

Hear fintech leaders discuss


How the fintech infrastructure market has changed over the past 5 years


Key differences in lending pre and post-Covid


Lower barriers to entry enabling a new generation of Neobanks

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