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Virtual Roundtable: Tracking Small Business Recovery

25 Feb 2021
tracking small business recovery

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This informative, 60-minute roundtable explores the current state of small business recovery in the U.S., and the tools to monitor the environment in which businesses operate.

At Ocrolus, we are committed to supporting the lending community in its understanding of systemic credit risk.  As we gather information on the effects of the pandemic on small businesses, we will discuss perspectives on the macroeconomic environments that borrowers operate in.

On February 25, Ocrolus introduced Small Business Recovery insights that measure the economic resilience of small businesses in America, developed from access to more than 3 million small business loan applications across the U.S.  We brought financial lending experts together to discuss some of the findings uncovered during our research, and how to best apply recovery-related markers to minimize risk and improve profitability.

Hear fintech and lending leaders discuss:

  • The best methods to track and measure small business recovery and resilience
  • How we can leverage insights from small business recovery to inform future risk modeling
  • Fascinating insights around the indicators for economic recovery


Amias Gerety e1631876768267

Amias Gerety

Partner. QED Investors
brock black hedshot

Brock Blake

CEO & Co-founder. Lendio
Maleyev 2020

Yelena Maleyev

Economist. Grant Thornton
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Sabrina T. Howell

Assistant Professor of Finance. NYU Stren
david speaker

David Snitkof

VP of Analytics. Ocrolus

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