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Ocrolus On-Site: Money 20/20

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On Sunday, October 23rd, Team Ocrolus is headed to Money 20/20 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Money 20/20 is one of fintech’s biggest events of the year  and prides itself on creating an agenda that will not only inspire and challenge but also fuel thousands of conversations and connections. We can’t wait for the opportunity to meet with the many industry leaders attending, including our clients and partners, Plaid, Blend, and more.

See a demo of our new fraud detection solution

see a detect demo with david snitkof

David Snitkof, our VP of Product, Analytics, will be demoing Detect, Ocrolus’ new file tampering solution. In a time when recouping fraud losses is more crucial than ever, Ocrolus has created a solution that allows lenders to identify fraud earlier and make better lending decisions. In fact, in its beta, Detect helped lenders identify 20% more fraud than they would have otherwise and saved upwards of 30 minutes of review per application. Watch David demonstrate exactly what Detect can do and the types of fraud signals it provides.

Make sure to attend the demo on Monday, October 24th, at 11:40 am.

What we’re attending

The schedule is packed with stand-out sessions. Here are a few we’re especially excited about:

The Fintech View Powered by Citi: Driving a Data-Led Industry Transformation

Monday, October 24th at 11:00 AM

A global digital bank is more than the ‘rails’ – it’s people, connectivity, data, and relationships. It’s a network that allows clients to navigate an increasingly complex and interconnected world. In this panel, data experts discuss how to harness data to reimagine how we develop solutions and services for clients. Learn how they are marrying data science with AI, ML, robotics, and real-time telemetry to reimagine users’ front-end experience.

The Evolution of the Fintech and BaaS Partner Ecosystem

Tuesday, October 25th at 11:00 AM

Banks are no strangers to regulatory scrutiny and with the evolution of BaaS platforms and their increasing number of fintech partners, regulators will continue to ensure that these financial products and services are offered in a compliant manner. Key discussion topics will include the value of multiple bank partnerships, the importance of keeping a low-risk portfolio, and the need to invest in compliance, legal and oversight.  

Connect with Team Ocrolus

Ocrolus will be in booth #1111 for the duration of the conference. Make sure to stop by and pick up some great Ocrolus branded swag! 

We look forward to seeing new faces and discussing document-driven automation solutions for mortgage. As lending becomes more competitive and staffing challenges increase, it’s vital that automation becomes a key part of any lending workflow.

We hope to see you there!