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On the road again: Ocrolus October 2023 event recap

2 Nov 2023
featured october event wrap up

Coming out of a busy September, the Ocrolus team was on the road again in October. We connected with leaders and innovators in the financial services industry from across the U.S., spanning small business, mortgage and consumer lending.

With the previous month packed with exciting product updates and announcements, our team wrapped up a busy event season on a high note in October, starting at home in New York City.

Brokers Expo NYC

With an emphasis on providing attendees real value, Brokers Expo NYC was the perfect place to kick off our final leg of the journey.

To help provide access to capital for small businesses, we joined brokers and industry leaders to discuss industry trends and challenges including cost-effective ways to leverage data and technology.  

Our team connected with attendees throughout the afternoon on innovative ways to leverage AI to maximize efficiency in financial decision making. Brokers were particularly excited about our newest offering, Instant, which provides the same precise data Ocrolus customers have come to expect but with greater efficiency and at a lower cost.

MBA Annual Convention

Next, our team was off to Philadelphia for the MBA Annual Convention, one of the largest annual gatherings of real estate finance professionals.

Over three days, we joined the industry’s power players and innovators to network, learn and discuss hot topics in tech, mortgage market volatility, an increasingly complex regulatory landscape and more. 

The growing demand for digital and self-service options, including AI, was a common theme throughout the event, and the ethical use of AI in everyday mortgage lending was top of mind for lenders. As forecasts predict a continuing rise in origination volume in the next two years,

the mortgage market remains volatile. Lenders are laser focused on improving efficiency and reducing costs in their operations to continue to thrive.

With our new, enhanced mortgage offering announced just weeks prior, we were excited to connect with leaders across the single-family real estate finance industry and demonstrate how Ocrolus helps lenders meet the challenges of a volatile market with faster, more accurate decision making.

Money 20/20

For the second half of the month, our team jetted off to Vegas, landing first at Money 20/20.

Approximately 14,000 attendees from a diverse set of U.S. and international financial services and tech companies convened for the four-day event, one of the largest in fintech of the year.

With a distinctive focus on what’s next across the world of money, the topic of AI and automation was clearly top of mind. Every financial institution is seemingly exploring how they can best use AI to improve their business. Big names like Microsoft and Nvidia even had a large “AI lounge” space with a packed calendar of content.

Amid the optimism and excitement was also a real concern about how to apply AI to known, real-world problems – in part fueling the hundreds of meetings our team had with leaders at our booth.  Throughout the conference, we spoke with financial services providers big and small about how Ocrolus empowers forward-thinking lenders to find real value in AI by automating document and cash flow analysis instantly.

Auto Finance Summit 2023

Finally, we closed out the month at the 23rd annual Auto Finance Summit, presented by Auto Finance News

Attended by financial institutions of all sizes, the three-day conference is the premier event in the auto lending and leasing industry. This year’s agenda covered a wide variety of topics from continued supply chain constraints to the increasing cost of funds.

Challenged to access capital amid rising costs, lenders discussed how to steer today’s subprime market. To meet this need for increased efficiency and risk management, our team met with auto lenders throughout the week to showcase how Ocrolus supports more informed, data-driven lending decisions.

Key takeaways
  • The Ocrolus team traveled across the U.S. to several industry events in October, including Brokers Expo NYC, MBA Annual Convention, Money 20/20 and Auto Finance Summit 2023, showcasing  our commitment to staying connected with trends and leaders across various sectors within the financial services industry.
  • Discussions and hot topics at these events revolved around current industry challenges, including access to capital, supply chain constraints, regulatory compliance and AI’s role in addressing tangible industry challenges.
  • Ocrolus’ newest offerings were particularly relevant to the challenges and discussions at each of the industry events, with Instant and our enhanced mortgage dashboard helping facilitate faster, more accurate lending decisions.