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NEXT Tech Showcase: Ocrolus’ Verification of Employment Solution

17 Sep 2020
NEXT Tech Showcase  Ocrolus Verification of Employment Solution

NEXT is an incredible organization that’s focused on advancing women executives in mortgage. They created the first mortgage industry event specifically for high-ranking women executives and now produce ongoing content and events.

Having gone to the NEXTWINTER20 event in Dallas, TX as attendees, we know first-hand why the founders of NEXT are known for fostering high caliber and engaging networking events for leaders in the mortgage realm.

As founders Molly Dowdy and Jeri Yoshida translated the NEXT experience to digital, we were impressed with the scheduled speakers and excited to be part of NEXT’s first-ever virtual summit.

At NEXTSUMMER20, we showcased a virtual demo of our document digitization solution to their community of mortgage professionals.

Christine Ponder-Stern, Product Manager, connected with Jennifer Folk, SVP of Fulfillment at Planet Home Lending, in a live demo to showcase how Ocrolus can help:

  1. Validate income across multiple documents, including pay stubs, bank statements and tax forms
  2. Automatically index and parse 1003s, 1008s and other mortgage forms
  3. Verify LTV, debt-income ratios, liability amounts and borrower information

Thanks to Christine for demonstrating Ocrolus in action. We hope you enjoy the demo.

Catch Ocrolus at upcoming virtual mortgage industry events Digital Mortgage and ACUMA. To set up a meeting, email