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Welcome to the Team, Avi Marcus

20 Oct 2021
Avi Marcus BlogPost

With Ocrolus’ recent Series C funding announcement, our growth is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. While the company has grown across consumer and business lending, the mortgage industry has quickly become our largest market opportunity. To accelerate this effort, Ocrolus brought on Avi Marcus as our new Vice President of Mortgage Strategy.

Avi’s skill-set sits at the intersection of real estate, business, law, and technology. While he started his career as an attorney, he soon found himself in the mortgage industry, working around business and technology innovation-related efforts. By starting out on the legal side of the industry, Avi gained a deep understanding of the nuances of the mortgage loan lifecycle, as well as an ability to interpret the many documents that accompany each step.

Beyond the legal expertise, Avi brings well-rounded experience across the entire mortgage process. Over his career, he has had a hand in everything from mortgage outsourcing to title insurance to digitization and innovation efforts. In his most recent role at Evolve Mortgage Services, he gained a deep understanding of the workflows and automation around the mortgage origination process, the loan due diligence process, and the securitization space. In short, Avi has a great understanding of the technology needs of the mortgage industry and, more importantly, how Ocrolus fits into that framework today and tomorrow. 

As Avi himself put it, “Mortgage is one of the last industries to digitize and yet it is one of the most document-centric industries. Ocrolus has the unique capability to translate what is in visual format into actionable data. This will allow individuals across the mortgage process to better align and streamline their processes, while also allowing companies to begin implementing automation strategies around the data sourced from those documents.”

In his new role, Avi is most interested in connecting the “walled gardens” that exist across different parts of the mortgage process. While data connectivity is built into the framework of those walls, documents freely migrate from garden to garden. He wants to offer a solution that allows financial institutions throughout the mortgage ecosystem to automate and analyze the data from documents, no matter what the document may be or from where they were sourced.

Here at Ocrolus, we think Avi’s vision will lead us in exactly the right direction. We’re excited to welcome him to the team and give him the opportunity to act on this vision to empower companies across the entire mortgage industry to more easily access and activate such data.