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The Humans in the Loop: Q3 Round Up of #LifeAtOcrolus

14 Oct 2022
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Happy October, everyone, and welcome to the Ocrolus culture blog! 

At Ocrolus, we foster a positive and inclusive environment. We want every team member to look forward to coming to work each day, and we’re constantly striving to improve upon traditional workplace culture.

Our Social Committee is dedicated to all things culture, with representation from teammates across departments. We understand the importance of getting work done, but we also want to ensure everyone enjoys their time at Ocrolus.

Here’s a rundown of some Q3 social highlights.

Giving Back

What do we love the most about Ocrolus? Our people and their compassion! In August, we placed a back-to-school drive box at our NY office and received an overwhelming response. We collected over 20 backpacks and hundreds of items to donate to the Bronx’s kids. 

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At our September OcroDinner, we celebrated National Hispanic Heritage Month. We had a family-style meal from a local small business owner, Chef Juan, played Loteria and celebrated the Hispanic and Latinx communities’ incredible culture, work, and heritage.

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Building Culture

We kicked off the Summer with a BBQ-themed dinner with all the classics. Staying true to our legacy, we finished our evening with a hybrid game night consisting of Codenames! We do monthly game nights at our office and regular outings, so all our employees can feel connected and build connections.

In August, we celebrated Indian Independence Day in the NY and India offices with over 50 participants in our virtual Indian Independence Trivia Quiz. It was a tie between Teams 1 and 4.

Q3 7

It was a colorful affair as everyone showed up in saffron, white, or green attire, representing India’s national flag. Even the food followed the color theme!

Q3 8

We love getting in touch with our creative side here at Ocrolus, and we’re always looking for fun ideas for arts and crafts. In July, we did a hybrid candle-making event at the New York Office and got some of our remote employees to dial in as well! And later on in the month, we had our U.S. Office Happy Hour in Brooklyn.

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And lastly, we unwound with Ocrolus Appreciation Day, our company holiday, on the last Friday of every month. That’s 12 extra days of #PTO per year with open paid time off, which means there’s no cap on PTO. 

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