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Building Partnerships: Welcome Arjun Iyer

30 Nov 2021
Arjun lyer 1

In the past year, Ocrolus has announced several significant partnerships (learn about Plaid and Blend), but there are many more opportunities to bring best of show solutions to market via partnerships. We strongly believe that one of the keys toward future growth will be expanding and developing new partnerships across the financial industry. To lead this effort, we’re excited to welcome Arjun Iyer as our Senior Vice President of Business Development.

While Arjun, a self-proclaimed “people person,” excels with sales and relationship building, he credits these skills to having worked through almost every major business function in his career. After graduating as a Chartered Accountant, he kicked off his career at KPMG as a process and business transformation consultant. Following his MBA, he proceeded to work through strategy, transitions, operations, and even marketing, before settling into sales over a decade ago. 

Arjun believes the best way to grow worthwhile partnerships is to never over-promise.  “To truly give a customer what they want, it’s important to first understand what a company can deliver, and how that will match up with a client’s needs.” He recognizes that people in his position are often the face of a company for a potential client or partner and that it’s equally important to develop strong personal relationships. He is still good friends with some of his initial customers from over 25 years ago!

Beyond strong relationship-building skills, Arjun brings Ocrolus a history of developing sustainable growth. At his last company, UiPath, Arjun founded and significantly grew their partnerships practice in the Americas, including a strategic deal that accounted for 50% of UiPath’s global revenue at the time. He subsequently moved on to help launch the Global Strategic Sales practice at UiPath, where he worked with a variety of Fortune 50 companies. Arjun prides himself and his team on being instrumental in helping grow UiPath’s sales from under $10 million to over $600 million in just four years, taking UiPath from an outlier to an industry leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

At Ocrolus, Arjun is excited for the opportunity to build a partnership framework and launch an official partner program. While Ocrolus has experienced tremendous growth since its founding, Arjun is confident that the path forward will benefit from a strategic approach towards partnerships: “Recognizing the different needs between technical, business, and integration partners will be crucial to accelerating Ocrolus’ growth and identifying new opportunities.”

Arjun has already hit the ground running. He is building out his team and has taken a strategic review of Ocrolus’ existing partners to identify the best opportunities for extending these relationships and identifying new partnerships. We’re excited to welcome Arjun and start developing this new arm of our business development team.