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5 Steps to Future-Proof Your Business & Yourself (Thank You, NEXT!)

27 Mar 2020
5 Steps to Future Proof Your Business Yourself

Here’s a shot of Julie Lane, Financial Services Digital Executive, alongside the co-founders of NEXT, Jeri Yoshida and Molly Dowdy (from left to right).

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused companies around the world to change the way that they do business and how they prepare for the long-term.

Whether we like it or not, these modern demands are not going anywhere. It would be detrimental to expect things to go back to business as usual.

Now is the time to future-proof your business and yourself. In fact, our COO, Vikas Dua, recently wrote a blog post, In Volatile Times, Scalability is Crucial to Lender Success,” because we are seeing first-hand the difference between those who are built to be agile, and those who are not. While planning for the unpredictable is an oxymoron, it is the only way to truly future-proof.

In that spirit, Melissa Hougie, Director of Marketing, and Sipho Simela, Head of Mortgage Strategy, recently had the opportunity to join the incredible team of NEXT alongside ~200 industry leaders for their third annual meet-up in Dallas, Texas.

NEXT is an amazing organization that prides itself on supporting women in mortgage and financial services by bringing people together, sharing thought leadership, and facilitating meaningful connections.

In this article, we share some key takeaways from Julie Lane, Financial Services Digital executive who is an expert in the “Future of Work” and the implications across the Mortgage industry. Julie’s recommendations are more relevant than ever as we ponder the future of work.

You can watch Julie’s 20-Minute Mentor session, sponsored by Freddie Mac, to hear her share her thoughts around preparing and growing with evolving global changes.


5 Steps to Future-Proof Yourself:

  1. Learn: Adopt a life philosophy focused on continual learning.
  2. Manage Your Mind-Set: Fail forward and lead your teams accordingly. Define and establish your competitive advantage.
  3. Disrupt: Be curious, question, and define options to turn problems upside down. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  4. Elevate: Mentor and lift others. 2020 is the year for diversity of thought, inclusion of ideas, and multi-generational work.
  5. Network: Build, grow, and expand your network. Start NOW!

Thanks to Julie Lane and the wonderful women of NEXT for sharing their valuable time and insights!

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