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Detect and uncover potential fraud faster

Revolutionize your fraud detection with Ocrolus. Leverage AI, automation, and data visualizations to quickly detect file tampering, empowering you to make more confident and faster lending decisions. Explore the power of fraud detection AI with Ocrolus.


Detect and uncover potential fraud faster

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Uncover more fraud than ever before

Get ahead of the latest methods used by fraudsters with advanced automation to detect fraud earlier and more accurately.

stay protective

Stay proactive

Catch more instances of fraud to reduce risks, optimize decision making, and avoid costly losses. Utilize fraud detection AI to stay one step ahead of potential threats.

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scale faster

Scale faster

Reduce time spent on manual application review and eliminate errors to increase overall efficiency.

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improve process

Improve processes

Automate your workflows and retrieve data from any image or PDF with over 99% accuracy. Enhance accuracy and efficiency in your processes with the integration of fraud detection AI.

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Modern tools for ultimate fraud detection

Detect altered identity documents, invalid dates, abnormal fonts, irregular formats, and more with features powered by intelligent fraud detection AI technology.

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Data extraction

Transform any document into structured data with automatic and intelligent OCR that generates verified results in minutes.

Document automation

Classify all documentation with automatic classification, producing cleanly indexed and labeled taxonomy.

Quality control

Trigger human validation steps as needed for further data labeling and comprehensive quality control for imperfect classifications.

Fraud detection

Pinpoint file tampering on any document with detailed detection signals and clear visualizations that outline changes.

Data processing

Gain insights into cash flow and metrics with 100+ pre-engineered analytics from financial ratios to income and more.

Mortgage automation

Sort financial documents, capture key data fields, automate processing, and analyze cash flows with full-stack capabilities.

Equip yourself against fraudsters and reduce risk

See why users trust Ocrolus

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One of the ways that we’re able to service clients best is to mitigate fraud, because the more fraud you have, the higher costs are, the harder it is to service your clients. So with Ocrolus, we have automation, efficiency and fraud prevention.

Adam Stettner

CEO — Reliant Funding

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Fraud detection and the combination of the technologies helped us accelerate legacy processes. We were able to take 50% of the documentation processes normally done by humans and completely automate them, enabling us to invest our human capital very effectively. We look at Ocrolus’ technology as one of the pillars of how we can introduce efficiencies and add additional compensating controls that are critical to scaling this platform.

Jesse Honigberg

Chief of Staff — Cross River Bank

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Equip yourself against fraudsters and reduce risk

Discover how Ocrolus can optimize your ability to detect fraud. Easily identify file tampering with smart automation and learning algorithms powered by fraud detection AI to ensure you stay focused on legitimate borrowers.