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Free Certification COURSE

Become an AI Underwriting Expert

Free Certification for AI-Empowered Mortgage Underwriting

Ocrolus Free Certification Course

Free 60-minute course

Not sure how AI impacts your role as an underwriter? This free 60-minute course will give you the foundational knowledge to embrace AI in mortgage lending and provides tangible use cases to utilize AI in your day-to-day lending practices.

Ocrolus Free Certification Course

AI-empowered underwriting expert

In this 3-module course, you will walk away an AI-empowered underwriting expert with an understanding of:

AI-empowered underwriting expert AI-empowered underwriting expert
AI-Empowered Underwriter Certification

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Join the top underwriters in mortgage with AI expertise and you’ll receive your AI-Empowered Underwriter Certification to show off on LinkedIn and a free gift!

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About the Instructor

David Snitkof is a tenured AI and data analytics expert specialized in the banking and lending industry. He has a successful track record of developing analytical systems, teams, and businesses from the ground up. David has worked for companies such as Ocrolus, Orchard, Kabbage, Citi Group, and American Express. As an accomplished technology entrepreneur and data analytics leader, David is excited to be a part of the future of innovation for AI in financial services.


Being an AI-empowered Underwriter means utilizing artificial intelligence tools and data analytics to enhance decision-making processes, improve risk assessment accuracy, and streamline the underwriting workflow for efficiency and effectiveness.

AI streamlines the mortgage underwriting process by analyzing vast data sets quickly and accurately, assessing risks, and improving decision-making efficiency, leading to faster loan approvals and enhanced customer experiences.

This course covers the basics of AI, mortgage use cases for underwriters, and a landscape overview of AI tools for underwriting.

This course is on-demand with video modules for each section.

There is no prerequisite for this course.

To achieve certification, review each module and take a short assessment of learnings at the end of the course.

The certification exam is a short list of multiple choice questions.

To register click the link provided and sign up for the course.

This certification course is free.

By being certified as an AI-empower underwriter you are letting your network and stakeholders know that you are equipped with knowledge and resources to embrace AI in your day-to-day workflow.

You can showcase this certification on your LinkedIn and professional resume.