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Detecting fraud is mission critical to our business, and Ocrolus is uniquely qualified to provide a comprehensive fraud solution with its focus on lending.”

- Zack Whitaker, Risk Operations at AtoB

Ocrolus Detect uncovers document fraud and provides high-quality, decision-ready data to lenders helping them minimize risk and prevent unnecessary, costly losses. Watch David Snitkof, VP of Product, Analytics at Ocrolus, demo Detect at Finovate 2022 and learn why customers like AtoB trust Ocrolus to help them detect document fraud.


By coupling Ocrolus’ vast document database with its unique machine learning (ML) capabilities, Detect processes submitted files and provides users with:

File origin signals identify where a document was created and help lenders quickly determine if it can be trusted

File tampering signals provide the necessary details and context around how a document was modified

File tampering visualizations that remove all guesswork from recognizing and confirming instances of document fraud with the ability to view original and tampered documents side-by-side.

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