Automate Financial Lookbacks for Medicaid Applications


Digitally analyze high volumes of bank statements

Automatically locate all transactions over $1000, or any dollar amount

View reports of spending patterns and income

Say goodbye to manual review.

Images of statements from all US financial institutions are analyzed with over 99% accuracy.  Comprehensive 60 month lookbacks can now be conducted with ease.


Artificial intelligence pinpoints noteworthy transactions

  • Transfers between accounts
  • Recurring transactions
  • Income and Deposits

Connect directly to your data using Medicaid-Genius API.


Integration with our RESTful platform is simple & secure!

API plugs into document management and asset verification systems, and more!

Your Data, Secured

Ocrolus provides top security measures in concert with best-in-class AWS infrastructure, the same platform used by the NSA and DoD.

  • • Bank-Level AES-256 bit encryption
  • • SSL Authentication
  • • Multi-Factor Authentication

Customers are saying…

"The New England States Consortium is pleased to partner with Ocrolus to facilitate State Medicaid agencies' access to the MedicaidGenius platform. The ability to digitally conduct financial eligibility reviews can reduce backlogs, combat fraud and abuse, and support the sustainability of the Medicaid program."
Elena Nicolella, Executive Director
Ocrolus technology will help us scale to new heights. With Ocrolus automating the most laborious part of the financial review process, our team will be able to complete more applications than ever before.”
Ben Mandelbaum, COO, and Managing Partner
Senior Planning Services
“The first thing that comes to mind is WOW. Medicaid-Genius works as advertised and the results they returned to me in hours were dead accurate. I can see this being a god-send for companies that process Medicaid applications as a business.”
Michael A Gold, Esq
The Law Office of Gold and Gold

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