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Bringing out the Megaphone: Welcome, John Forrester

2 Jun 2021
meet john forrester

Recruiting an exceptional marketing leader creates a distinct feeling of validation. It means that the company story and brand are attractive – to a story and brand expert. But it also speaks to the opportunity ahead: to tell a crisper story, in a repeatable and multi-faceted way, to a massive audience. Today, we’re excited to welcome the highly talented John Forrester, as SVP of Marketing at Ocrolus!

John brings a vast array of strategic marketing experience in B2B software and financial services. His fundamentals are rooted in data and measurement, and complemented by creative vision and an ability to elevate the conversation. Before joining Ocrolus, John was SVP of Marketing at Azlo, a fintech bank funded by BBVA, and prior to that, he held marketing leadership positions at Inbenta, Workato, Xero, RingCentral, and VMware.

John challenges us to think bigger. He has a successful track-record at several billion-dollar companies, and is poised to help Ocrolus achieve that same trajectory. He has seen true scale, and we are eager to learn from him.

Many people mispronounce Ocrolus, and practically no one can spell it (the most common error is swapping the second o for a u: Ocrulus). And, on the surface level, document automation is far from a sexy category. To say we have a lot of green-field from a company positioning and marketing perspective would be an understatement! But we do have a damn good product, that’s unlike anything else in the market. Now it’s time for us to get the word out on what we’re doing, in a BIG way.

We have a story to tell about the elegant marriage of machines and humans for process automation. 

We have a story to tell about unlocking data trapped in documents and unifying it with digital data. 

We have a story to tell about using documents as a Trojan Horse to modernize credit scoring. 

We’re thrilled to empower John Forrester to help Ocrolus shape, amplify, and tell these stories to the world.