Virtual Roundtable: The Future of CX

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Jay Po

Managing Partner
Stage 2 Capital

Clare McClintock

Head of Operations Strategy

Kristen Stewart


Nicole Newlin

VP, Solutions

How leading fintechs are setting new standards in customer experience

Many businesses are hesitant to break free from the status quo and embrace innovation. But sometimes change is forced upon us, as with the impact of COVID-19. In this live session, we’ll be talking about the customer experience, and how your institution can level up in this virtual world.

CX is so crucial to the financial service industry, as you are working with personally identifiable information, and most importantly: your customers trust. The customer journey needs to reflect the serious nature of the work, while making product information accessible to the customer.


Hear from change agents who are paving the way towards positive customer experiences in financial services, as we navigate CX post-lockdown.


Listen to fintech leaders discuss:

How to use insights garnered from data to design omni-channel experiences and better personalize customer interactions

 Team evolution is constant. What are leading fintechs doing to stay ahead of the curve, and what can we learn?

How Fintech customers have changed in 2020, and strategies for addressing customer needs amidst market uncertainty

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