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Brex streamlines operations and empowers its people to focus on more meaningful work

Hear how a growing fintech leverages strategic partners like Ocrolus to scale operations while eliminating manual data review and analysis.

When Brex first made a splash in the fintech ecosystem circa 2018, the company set out to make a name for itself as the “corporate card for startups.”


Becoming a certified unicorn on this positioning platform, Brex certainly achieved its goal, but it always had bigger ambitions to serve businesses beyond the tech community.


As Brex has grown to offer new services – as part of its mission to reimagine financial systems so every growing company can realize its full potential – the company’s operational requirements have also grown. This has forced its team to make decisions about what to build in-house versus when to partner.


The automation partnership between Brex and Ocrolus began with Ocrolus powering back-end digitization for Brex’s processing of Bank Statements. Recognizing a considerable manual burden that was not scalable and filled with inherent inaccuracies, Brex was eager to find a more reliable means to receive actionable data from documents.


Ocrolus provides the fintech infrastructure that Brex was looking for, digitizing documents in minutes, flexing up/down with volume, and working directly with the Brex team on an ongoing basis to integrate the Ocrolus API into their processes and improve the end-customer experience.


The partnership has grown and Ocrolus is now also digitizing Deposited Checks behind Brex Cash. The companies look forward to uncovering more ways to streamline operations with automation. Watch the film to learn more.

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“Ocrolus has been so easy to work with; we’ve been able to scale Operations by implementing Ocrolus”

– Clare McClintock, Head of Operations Strategy

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